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1 What race will you be in Skyrim? on Thu Aug 11, 2011 10:58 pm


Legatus Legionis
Legatus Legionis
In Skyrim, I'll probably be playing as a Nord. Their the race I identify with the most, and what they specialize in is certainly a bolster to my playing style. As how I view the other races, well, thats a different story. I'd be indifferent to Breatons, and one would have to respect at how well they can use magic. Altmer seem like complete assholes and put themselves way to high on the pedestal. Sure, their great at magic, but man if one attacks me it'll be fun to kill. Redguards, Orcs, and other Nords I have no problem with. All are competent fighters, and thats something I'm down with. Neutral on Bosmer though. They might be like Santa's little elves (AKA, annoying as hell) but their supposed to be pretty mean with a bow and arrow, so that has to have some merit to it. Imperials? Screw em. Guys run around and think they own everything even though they can't seem to wipe their ass without something going horrifically wrong. Their not particularly adapt with anything other than paying taxes. One attacks me, I'll be sure to scrape him off my boot. Dunmer are kind of odd. Good assassins, but I don't think they'll be able to take me. The Khajit, I know little about, so I'm neutral on them. Argorians will probably just be the same to me as some really creepy people in the mall you do a double take on.

In summary:
Good: Nords, Redguards, Orcs.

Neutral: Argorians, Dunmer, Bosmer, Breatons, Khajit.

Bad: Altmer, Imperials.

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