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1 Your hero in Skyrim on Fri Dec 02, 2011 1:50 am


Legatus Legionis
Legatus Legionis
I'm curious as to what characters everyone made in Skyrim, so I'm asking, who (Or what) did you create? I'll start off by posting all my 'canon' characters (I haven't gotten around to playing Arena or Daggerfell though) throughout the series.

The Champion of Eternity: Harold Thunder-Blade (Nord)

Solider of Fortune, first and foremost. Chivalrous and bold, the strode across all of Tamriel, plunging into foreboding places like the Labryinthian and Dagoth Ur, to assemble the Staff of Chaos and punch out Jagar Tharn, and rescue Emperor Uriel Septim. After his journey, he retired to Solitude, granted a plot of land from the Emperor for his exploits. He was almost the text book definition of the Barbarian class, preferring to use large battleaxe's and such weaponry, while keeping his armor light.

The Agent: Ertius Oculous (Imperial)

Agent of the empire, chosen to exorcise the spirit of a certain undead king, he eventually wound up on a journey reassembling the legendary war god golem Numidium, effectively breaking time in the process. A man devoted to the empire and steadfast member of the Blades, he held his mission above all else. Died upon the activation of Numdium. A knight by trade, he was known to use Akivari weaponry (Being a blade would have something to do with that), along with shield-play.

The Nerevarine: Ararvy Andus (Dunmer)
Whimsical bard, womanizer, and adventure seeker, his wanderlust eventually landed him in prison. Eventually pardoned by the Emperor Uriel Septim to fulfill a prophecy, he wound up going head to head with the self made gods of the Tribunal, and effectively changing the fate of all of Morrowind. After his exploits, he went on a exhibition to Morrowind for sometime. He returned shortly after the Oblivion crisis to investigate the disappearance of Vivec. Eventually he lead the flight from Morrowind before the Red Mountain erupted and the Ministry of Truth came crashing down. He died in Solstheim shortly after. He was a nightblade, and extremely skilled with a dagger. Being a bard, he was also known for his quick wits and his charms.

Champion of Cyrodiil: Ticedo Mussillius (Imperial)

A odd sort shrouded in mystery, he came into prominence when he helped Martin Septim end the Oblivion crisis. Eventually though, he disappeared and entered the Shivering Isles, and eventually took up the mantle of Sheogorath, the Daedric prince of Madness. A flexible, and yet confounded individual, he was a sort of jack of all trades when it came to combat, and yet a master of none. Eventually, the Madness claimed him, and he did indeed become the literal manifestation of Sheogorath.

The Dovahkiin/Dragonborn: Adean Thunder-Blade (Nord)

Mercenary, sell sword and blade for hire, he journeyed across much of Hammerfell and Cyrodiil, taking part of exhibitions into Dwemer ruins, guarding merchant caravans, and preforming general jobs a mercenary would take. He eventually returned to Skyrim, only to find that his families ancestral home burnt to the ground, his parents dead, and him framed for the crime. Making the ever poor choice that would come with resisting arrest, his face was wounded, leaving a scar under his right eye. A master in most forms of close combat, he prefers blades and axes above all, and seldom uses the blunt weapons. While tried to remain neutral in the civil war, the murder of his parents (Who were stormcloak sympathizers), his brothers uncomfortable silence on the situation (He is apart of the legion), the event wound up pushing him under Ulfric's banner. He holds no grudges generally and always tries to do the right thing, he is openly hostile against agents of the Aldmeri dominion, due to several incidents he encountered across Cyrodiil (And reentering Skyrim)

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