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1 Dreamquest: Battle of Definity Infothread on Mon Sep 26, 2011 7:15 pm


Legatus Legionis
Legatus Legionis

Info Thread

This article is incomplete and plans are in for renaming it - lore is currently being written. If you wish to contribute, please send me a PM.


The wiki section will contain general information of the world of Harmonia and the role play, if you would like to contribute to this section, simply Private Message myself with your contributions.


Harmonia, a peaceful paradise in the area of space previously home to Planet Earth.

Forged with the assistance of the Sif Mons, it is a beautiful world with many dangers lurking in it's underworld, Xibalba.

It's Government is controlled by the Oyrx, and the Acraea Definity.

But this peaceful paradise is about to change.....forever.

Helios (Star)

Helios, an artificial at the outer rim of Harmonia's atmosphere, provides plentiful light, warmth, and a degree of weather control in Harmonia.

Being able to control precipitation, and the like, Harmonia's habitants never give a second thought as to what the weather will be like the following day.

Oryx (Govt.)

Under the leadership of

The Oryx holds absolute control over Harmonia's Government, along with the military.

The Oryx Council is a 12 person elected panel, comprised of 5 men, and five woman.

The theocracy is under the leadership of Acraea Definity, and is kept in balanced by the Sif Mons.

Acraea Definity

Acraea Definity is the spiritual immortal leader of Harmona's Oryx Government.

Though, the Acraea Definity and the Oryx council have ulterior motives up their sleeves - a dictatorship within Harmonia - but first, he must send a few of his best soldiers onto a path towards death.

Using propaganda broadcasted via communication uplinks, Acraea is able to manipulate the public's thoughts through his charismatic nature.

Little is known about Acraea Definity - other than the Acraea was a powerful Archmage granted immortality by the Sif Mons

Sif Mons

The Sif Mons is an immortal human being, from Planet Earth (which has ceased to exist, and Harmonia was created in its place with the assistance of Sif Mons - a once powerful spiritual leader and scientist)

Sif Mons is one of the last known native humans from Planet Earth that is still alive.

Because of Sif Mons' great achievement of his assistance in the building of Harmonia, the human race granted him immortality, the first immortal human.

Immortality is not allowed in the human race, to allow for the human values, of love - to be preserved.

Being an exception, Sif Mons controls nearly everything in Harmonia - keeping it from evading black holes, to altering political elements.

Most actions done by Sif Mons go unnoticed, but the last huge political action by Sif Mons lead to the Great War of Harmonia.

Later on, he had created magic within Harmonia, as a spiritual weapon against the Underworld known as Xibalba - where unknown wildlife and trash from Harmonia's creation remain.


Xibalba, the world under Harmonia, is feared by all Harmonian citizens, thanks to propaganda created by the Oryx (Govt.)

Xibalba contains unknown creatures. Whether or not they poise a risk to Harmonia is unknown, but no one has denied the existence of another civilization under Harmonia.

The Acraea Definity sends a few select people - for his own benefit - down the road of certain death to Xibalba.


Magic is widely used form of combat within Harmonia, and also used by the Oyrx Military and regulated by the Acraea Definity, an Archmage.

Oyrx Military

The Oryx Military is a branch of the Oyrx (Govt.) controlled by the Council and Acraea Definity.

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Signature is of a free-thinking nature and reflects the supreme opinions of the author. - Thinking first, faith second

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Legatus Legionis
Legatus Legionis



Novice spells.

Fireball: Three simple balls of flame. Used as a projectile, this spell can burn its target. Spell is easily avoidable, and can easily be dispersed by even Novice level wind magic, and canceled out by low powered barriers. A simple technique that is the basis for all mages to learn. Consumes the least amount of mana of all spells.

Pyre: A jet of flame emitting from the users hand. Can increase in length and power dependent on the users own inherent strength. More useful for intimidating an enemy, it is a spell to be reckoned with for the unarmored opponent. It is however rendered useless against barries.

Ignis Fluctus: A vertical wave of fire. Surprisingly, it is not a spell utilized often by mages, but rather warriors. Since front line fighters are often at a disadvantage in terms of long rage attacks, this spell remidies this to a effect.


Flagrantia Rubicans: A powerful spell that burns the target with intense flames and heat. Dangerous in close quarter combat, friend and foe alike.

Crimson Bees: Creates wasp like projectiles that create large explosions on impact. Unlike Fireball, this spell travels much faster, more numerous, and is capable of homing in (To an extent) on the target. Their explosion is also quite significant.

Spiral flare: A pillar of flame erupts from the ground, ensnaring and trapping target within it. A spell more effective for crowd control, it is a spell that is a favorite for mages who specialize in fire.


Hellfire: Creates a large explosion of black flames at the target area. A difficult spell to master, and thus is rarely used by even the more experienced mage. Its consumption of mana is also very significant.

Dragon flame: A all encompassing ring of fire surronds its target, ensnaring them within a ring of fire. The fire itself does not harm the target, but the target has a significant chance of succumbing to Hyperthermia.

Explosion: A single, quick moving fireball strikes its target, creating a massive explosion.

High Ancient:

Flammidemia: The strongest of all fire spells. A massive storm of fire, incinerating all target enemies in a blase of heat and flame.



Gust: A spell that creates a strong gust of wind. While not powerful against large, heavy targets, its force is quite considerable.

Wind blade: A gale of wind surrounds the target, using the debris to harm its victim. (Note: Its not powerful enough to pick up significant debris. Only small stones and pebbles.)

Whirlwind: A defensive spell that creates a powerful gust around the mage, using the intense air currents as a protection against outside threats. This effect can last from two to three minutes.


Air Thrust: Stronger variant of Windblade. Stronger and larger than its weaker form, the wind itself tears its target to shreds.

Dust devil: A spell that is more inline with the school of illusion, once the target has walked into the gylph, a burst of wind erupts forth, causing the target to hallucinate. Can be dispelled by experienced Magi.

Venti: A defensive measure against normal opponents, it blows its enemies a considerable distance away from its user, scattering them.


Cyclone: The supreme form of Wind Blade. Its function is the same as both Air Thrust and Wind Blade, however, it is much larger in scale, can impact multiple enemies. However, the amount of mana it consumes is very significant.

Gods Breath: A high powered wind attack. Both similar in design and function to Cyclone, however, oppisite. Where Cyclone attacks the physical, Gods Breath attacks the Spiritual. Capable of destroying high powered barriers, non physical entities, and disrupting mana flow, it could be seen as the magical variant of Cyclone.

Tempest: A spell that manipulates the environment itself, its power is for creating high powered storms is feared. While not useful for combat in general, it makes for great cover and a great way to stage an escape. However, the reverse is it requires a vast amount of mana to create, many times beyond what even practiced magi are capable of.

High Ancient

Ferox Tempestas: An attack spell which combines the forces of wind and lightning into a directed, tornado-like attack. Due to the concentrated nature of the attack, it is capable of piercing through the most robust defenses.



Lightning: A simple strike of lightning from the sky. Not particularly powerful as the real thing, it is capable of paralyzing its victim for a short time.

Lightning blade: Designed for the use of physical fighters, the user electrifies their weapon, sending the shock into their opponents.

Sparkwave: User emits lightning around himself, stunning all close range targets. Its primary use if for situations when one finds themselves surrounded.


Ax of Zeus: An offensive spell which destroys the target with an intense electric attack. While the attack has a limited area of effect, its simplistic style and low mana usage makes it very appealing for more direct fighters.

Thunder Blade: An offensive attack that creates a large sword of lightning from above, striking into the ground. Directly afterward, it creates a large gylph, electryfing the ground around it and all who reside within the gylph. Seen as a more anti-tank weapon, its designed to take down large targets, by either impaling them or immobilizing them via gylph. Due to its size, however, it demands a large amount of mana.

Thunder explosion: The user, with whatever means he may use, strikes the the ground, causing a small lightning storm around him. A quick attack that is also appealing to warriors, it compliments bashing the enemy and finishing them off with a quick lightning strike.


Lightning Spear: An attack spell which summons and shoots down electric spears. Individually, each warhead is more powerful than regular lightning projectiles and very destructive. However, because it takes the physical form of spears (a ballistic body) it is easier to avoid.

Gungnir: A powerful spear of lightning is formed, and promptly tossed at the target. It is said to have the greatest penetrating force of all spells.

High Ancient

Titano-ktonon: The most powerful spell in the lightning element. An extreme-range annihilation spell that strikes the target area with lightning. Due to the sheer range it covers, and power it is capable of, it is known to be among the most costly spells as far as mana is concerned.



Splah: Water is formed directly above the opponent, and unleashes several tendrils of water which slam into the opponent. Despite being novice level, it covers a wide range and consumes a moderate amount of mana.

Torrent: Manipulates a body of water, thrashing the enemy about within it. Alternatively, the water can be manipulated out of its original source, and can attack the enemy.

Aqua blade: The spell summons three discs of water in a triangle around the mage, which then home in on the targeted enemy. While it can be seen as the water variant of fireball, it is different in that it travels low on the ground, rather than in mid-air.


Water Serpent: By utilizing a body of water, the mage can concentrate their mana to form a serpentine form from the water. It than targets the enemy, washing them away on impact. While this spell is constrained by being forced to utilize a large sum of water, it is incredibly powerful for its low mana cost.

Geyser: The mage forces water up from the ground, launching the target into the air. While it can cover a large surface, it consumes a lot of mana in the process.

Undine's tear: The spell drops a large bubble onto the enemy, which then bursts into several smaller bubbles that deal multiple hits to the enemies within its range. Infused with mana, each bubble explodes, causing damage to the enemy. While it uses a decent amount of mana, its perfect for crowd control.


Leviathan: A monstrous body of water is summoned, encasing the target within itself. At the will of the mage, the body explodes, leaving nothing in its wake.

Neptune's wrath: Channeling magic within themselves, the mage has gained the ablility to manipulate the water at will. While this spell is vastly powerful, its major setback is the mass amount of mana used while maintain this form.

Aqua laser: Concentrating mana to form a orb of water, which promptly forms a small beam of water, capable of cutting threw the target. Has no effect on magical barriers, however.

High Ancient

Cataracta Draco: The strongest of the water elemental branch, and the supreme improvement of Water Serpent. Unlike its weaker variant, a mass form of water formed dragons erupt forth, drowning, if not outright crushing, their enemy with immense power and speed.



Earth blast. Concentrating mana below the target, the spell erupts, blasting stone debris around the target.

Stone lance: Forming a long spear of stone, levitation is used to hurl the spear at the enemy. Low mana cost, and high damage yield, and anti armor capabilities make this a very attractive spell for novices.

Earth sword: While not a offensive spell in its entirety, it creates a sharp blade from the earth. While useful for a quick weapon, they are infamous for being shattered by a strong impact. However, crafty mages have been said to create multiple swords, and using telekinesis to manipulate these multiple weapons.


Stalagmite: A large spike emerges from the ground, impaling the target from below. A relativity simple spell, and quick to pull off, however, it consumes a good sum of mana.

Grave: Multiple spike erupt from the ground, piercing the target. While the spikes are not as large as stalagmite, they are more numerous, and is eaily accommodated for single targets.

Earth Ward: Summoning 5 pillars of stone in a circle, these stones form a large gylph that ensnares and paralyzes the target. While more powerful opponents may not be ensnared in the paralysis, it prevents magic from being cast.


Gates of Hell: An attack spell which summons large volume stone pillars. The stones are than hurled at the enemy. Because of the size, range, and distance these spells can create, it is advised to use as far away from towns and places heavily populated.

Basilisk's eye: An attack spell which releases a beam of light from the fingers, petrifying all living and nonliving beings in contact with it. It is also capable of capable of penetrating magic shields. The beam itself is also physically destructive, shown to be able to easily cut through wood. The petrification is not permanent however.

High Ancient

Dakryrroia Gi: Highest spell of earth branch, and among the oldest, this spell calls upon the power of the earth itself. The earth splits wide, and shatters the land completely, leaving ruin and waste in its wake. Because of the untold destrucion of this spell, it has been forbidden, like most High ancient spells. However legends tell of a few Magisters that still recall this arcane power.



Frozen Earth: An attack spell that shoots a giant icicle from the ground. Aside from possible blunt and piercing damage, the target can be directly frozen to the pillar, restricting movement. While highly effective against a ground target, as the pillar is created from a bounded field placed on the ground, it has a range limit, rendering it fairly useless against airborne opponents.

Freeze Lancer: Creating a gylph infront of the user, it begins to fire small ice projectiles at the enemy in rapid succession. While its penetrating power is fairly weak, it is perfect for small unarmored attackers.

Frost: A simple spell that changes the ground into slick ice. Almost impossible to keep a persons footing, its a multipurpose spell for swaying the tide of battle. However, it small, and can impact allies as well.


Ice Coffin: A spell similar to Frozen Earth creating a giant icicle from a bounded field placed on the ground. The pillar then completely encases and traps the target.

Ice Spear: An attack spell which summons and shoots down dense packs of ice spears. Individually, each warhead is more powerful than regular ice projectiles; however, because it takes the physical form of spears, the practical applications of this spell are limited by ballistics.

Ice Tornado: Summoning a blizzard to encase the enemy, it is a spell can quickly incur frostbit into the enemy.


Absolute: The most powerful spell in its branch, it encases the target withing a massive case of ice, and shattering it upon impact.

Ice Blast: A highly lethal attack spell which instantaneously creates and launches a large-volume sphere of ice at the target, bursting on contact and causing blunt trauma, frostbite, and at close range, hypothermia – assuming you are not frozen outright.

High Ancient

Nivis Obscurans: An attack spell which combines the forces of ice and darkness into a directed, tornado-like attack.

Signature is of a free-thinking nature and reflects the supreme opinions of the author. - Thinking first, faith second

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Legatus Legionis
Legatus Legionis
Non Elemental

Non Elemental
Non elementel is a rare school of magic. Highly specialized and varied, it is considered to be a powerful form of magic. However, many of its spells are obscure, and difficult to master.

Teleportation magic: Due to being a very high-level technique, it is the norm for each to be personally crafted. There are quite a few variations, some involving the use of water or shadows as a medium. Only a handful of extremely powerful mages can use this magic on a personal level.

Gravio: A powerful branch of magic with a wide range of applications; essentially, it is the ability to distort, or curve space-time by manipulating gravity. However, the user can only manipulate it an extent. It cannot be used to make gravity lighter, and can only increase it upon a fixated location on a target.

Divine seal: A attack designed for warriors, the user plunges the weapon into the ground, causing red mana blasts to erupt from the earth.

Spirit blast: And attack meant for combat against the non physical, it is highly effective against spirits and other such super-natural enemies.

Agirazium: A gylph meant for repulsion, it can either be applied onto the ground, or in front of the user, blasting them up or away from the source.

Mind bend: A manipulative spell. A spell that allows a person to control the mind of another. However, it is restricted to the weak minded. Those who have great mental and physical fortitude will not even notice the spell has been put in place.

Seal: A spell designed for sealing powerful entities. Some beings, when their physical form is destroyed, maintain their existence. This spell seals them, be it a object or person, preventing them from being a further threat. There is always the chance of escape, however.

Mana blast: By concentraing mana in a fix location, a mage can create a simple explosion.

Powerful, ancient magic, long forgotten by the ages. There have been records of their use however.

Darkness: One of the "Lost elements" the darkness branch has been forbidden all. While some of its more mundane abilities is manipulating shadows, it has always been tied with powerful, horrendous spells. Darkness harnesses its strength from negative emotions: fear, malice, anger, hatred.

Worm: An attack that surround the target in black smoke, and siphons its own lifeforce from the target. A feasible way of improv healing.

Shadow Spear: An attack spell which gives physical form to shadow ‘spears’ allowing them to penetrate barriers.

Doppelganger: Summons a shadow of its user, to distract and fight against and protect its user. They are infamous for being bristle, however.

Necromancy: One of the more infamous arts, these are used to resurrect the dead. It does not truly bring the person back to life. Manevolent spirits are called upon to inhabit the carcass of the being in question, and use it to act according to the users will. However, this is not always the case. There have been incidents where a powerful spirit invades the body, wrests control from the mage, and often acts on its own will.

Dark sphere: A sphere of dark runes and archaic symbols surrond the target, and detonates.

Light: The polar opposite of Darkness. While tied with truly light emitting sources, it also focus's on the holy and divine aspect of power. While not strictly forbidden, many tomes pertaining to this element have been missing from history. Even if a mage is lucky enough to find such a book, they are often abandoned, as the usage of this element has been considered nigh impossible to use. It is fueled by emotions positive emotions: Truth, kindness, devotion, and love.

Spells: N/A

Lux: Polar opposite of Dark sphere.

Prism sword: A powerful light spell. The spell itself produces seven crystals that appear over the target, initially arranged like a star before shooting into the sky, quickly dropping into the ground rending the foes flesh.

Retribution: A spell that significantly disorientates, confuse, and harm enemies on a metaphysical level.

Judgement: A holy spell that rains down beams of light from the heavens. The technique has yet to be seen used by mortals.

The only ones classified in the imperial library. Due to the powerful nature of the spells, many of them have been hidden, or have yet to be uncovered in ancient ruins.

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Legatus Legionis
Legatus Legionis
Healing and Support Spells

Healing and Support spells

Cura: A very basic healing magic effective on bruises, sprains, scratches, and cuts, and depending on the mage’s ability, scorches and frostbite. However, it cannot treat damage from powerful offensive magic.

Heal: A moderate healing spell, it is capable of restoring larger wounds, minor lacerations, and in some cases, internal damage.

Nurse: Calling upon benevolent spirits, the spirits aid in the healing of others. Because spirits the spirits are used in the spell, and not the mage, these spirits can tend to multiple people, all at the same time. Affects similar to those of Heal.

Healing circle: Casting a radiant light upon the field, those in the light are healed lightly. Longer exposure in the circle means more aid for the body.

Heavens embrace: Among the top tier healing spell in existence, this spell COMPLETELY heals its user. While this spell is truly the most powerful, it is also known for the fact that it drains the casters mana completely, and the user cannot use it on themselves. Some cases have been stated that people have died in attempts to use this spell.

Resurrection: A high powered spell that can "Bring one back to life". Catching the spirit inbetween the gates of death, where this world connects to the other side, it calls upon the spirit of the deceased back into its original body. Problems with this spell are that the body is not completely healed once used, the body MUST (Roughly) remain intact for it to work, and the spell will not work within three minutes after the target is dead. Taught only amongst the top magisters in the world, the methods of using it are unknown.

Barrier: A anti physical barrier is deployed, protecting the target from all physical attacks. Stronger variants can be applied.

Reflexio: A defensive spell meant to protect against magical attacks. It can come in the form of all the 6 elements. However, only the ice variant can reflect weaker spells back at the target.

Bastion: Protected inside a large gylph, this spell creates a large barrier around the entire group. A more large scale barrier, it is marginally resistant to both physical and magical attacks.

Specula spectri: A high powered barrier type spell. Capable of reflecting magical attacks back at the user. The major problem that persists with this spell is, however, the inability to use beyond in front of the user.

Dispel: A spell that disperses magic. By dispersing the mana concentrated in a spell, it essentially can cancel out a spell entirely. Unfortunately, its main hindrance is usefulness. It has little ability to handle high leveled spells.

Restore: A simple magic of refreshment and recovery from exhaustion.

Recover: A healing spell capable of curing poison.

Mana charge: A spell that is capable of restoring the users mana. It could be more considered as mana transplant, as the user projects a level of his own mana into another.

Vigil: A spell deigned for all around perception enhancement, is it a spell meant for the wary. While its simple for magi and others to make use of it, skilled huntsmen and keen warriors have little need to bolster their already sharp perception.

Guardian: A defensive spell meant for warriors. While neither long lasting as a barrier, it is capable of deploying a improvised barrier around the warrior.

Aigis: The most powerful barrier one can command. It has been considered to be a high ancient by many, however, it is only utilized by those who are indeed mastered in the field of defense.

Signature is of a free-thinking nature and reflects the supreme opinions of the author. - Thinking first, faith second

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Legatus Legionis
Legatus Legionis
Summoning Spells


Summons are a old craft, practiced only by few individuals, be it own personal preference, or religious ceremonies. Summoning itself, requires in forming a contract with the host spirits, who in turn for gaining brief access to the human realm, fight or preform duties for the the summoner. However, forming a contract is a difficult task. Typically, spirits force the summoner into a battle to test their worth, or some other rite of passage. There are many spirits, and as such, ther are many different styles of spirits. There have been some exceptions to this rule, however.

Golems: A simple golem forged from the material around them. They can be created from clay, rock, iron, and other such ore, depending on the skill and power of the summoner. While they can take many shapes and forms, they are often very slow, and their size can often draw fire. Despite this, they are hardy, and perfect for cover fire. Unlike most summons, these beings do not require a contract.

Chameleon: A large chameleon is summoned. While not offensive by any sense of the word, they have the ability to become semi-invisible, and conceal all who are in direct contact. They are however, limited in offensive abilities, and are not able to withstand attacks effectively.

Shadow wolf: While not in direct relation to the death stalkers, their function is quite similar. A seek and destroy based summon, the wolves find their target, attack, and viciously tear it apart.

Phoenix: A powerful summon. It uses its innate power over flame, it scorches the enemy in its own fire.

Tenebra: The living embodiment of shadows, and ruler over the dark element. Powers range from shape shifting, to harnessing most spells of the dark element.

Kalypso: A divine draconic entity. Considered to be among the supreme summons, it is a high class summon that pars in power with an army of archmages. What it takes to summon this creature, however, is unknown.

Sages:A few powerful spirits that have been known to take the shape of many animal forms. While not strictly combat oriented, they support their summoner with their own tricks and abilities, and can give advice, dependent on the situation.

Umbra: A large, shadowy marionette. Incapable of offensive maneuvers, but a perfect defense.

Berial: Created from the users own inate mana, Berial has a complex of array of both offensive and defensive maneuvers. While it does not move, its sheild reflects most spells and attacks back to the enemy, while it can use both a sword for close range combat, and arrows to track its pray.

Lumen: A spirit of light. Capable of airborn combat, and using light oriented attacks.

Signature is of a free-thinking nature and reflects the supreme opinions of the author. - Thinking first, faith second

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Legatus Legionis
Legatus Legionis
Magical Enchantments

Enchantments as a whole, follows the same basic principle. Inducing a spell into a material, to achieve a supernatural effect that otherwise would not be possible for a weapon. However, there are traditionally two different methods into enchanting a weapon, each distinct from each other.

Enchantment method:Runes

The more common, albeit expensive variety of enchanting. A skill that is closer to smiting, enchanted weapons by making use of runes, magically carved into the object. While the runes can be applied to have a variety of effects, it is a one shot deal. Once a object has been enchanted in this manner, no other effects can be placed upon the object. This is perhaps the reason why bullets are typically enchanted in this manner more often than not. Its small surface area allows less complex and large runes to be applied, keeping the cost down. Runes can be used for a multiple of purposes, such as making an object lighter, allowing a supernatural ability to be exploited, ect.

Enchantment method 2:Spell infusion

Infusing a spell into a physical object is a practice mages have been using on, coincidentally, on themselves. However, the application of a spell into a living organism, and a inanimate object, is completely different. Attempting to apply a spell into a object is not a ability most use right from the get go, and also, attempting to add a effect onto a object is a major drain on ones mana pool. Spells themselves are not necessarily imported into the weapon, but rather its elemental attribute. A example, however mundane, would to the transfusion of mana directly into the weapon, and firing the weapon in a "wave" if you will. There are a few factors, however, that affect the quality of spell infusion. First and foremost, is the material the object is typically made out of. "Natural" material, such as iron, steel, wood and the like. Supernatural materials, barring silver, take to spell enchantments more effectively, as the mana does not decay as quickly. Materials that are effective are mirthil, silver, Orchilium, ect. Also, previously enchanted weapons (Via runes) are not possible to infuse with another spell.

Signature is of a free-thinking nature and reflects the supreme opinions of the author. - Thinking first, faith second

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Legatus Legionis
Legatus Legionis
The Military

The Military

The Oryx military has a long and storied history stretching out over the ages on the planet. While the name the names and its leaders change hands, its purpose has always remained the same. To subjugate, maintain, and ultimately control the provinces under the their control. The military, for all intents and purposes, are completely controlled by the Oryx council. The military is made up of many internal factions and sub-factions, however they are typically broken down into the following categories.


The main branch of the Military, which is made up of mostly infantry soldiers. For the majority, their equipment can be considered sub-par. Using standard, non barrier equipped armor, unenchanted ballistic weapons, and the most basic training money can afford. While this is not the case for veterans, who often use superior equipment on their own accord, these men were sent out to wrest control from other territories. With most of the world firmly under Oryx's control, these soldiers have been to more civil duties, such as law enforcement. Such activities have made this branch fall out of favor with the council as a whole, and massive cuts in budget in favor to fund the more promising branches.

The Troopers consist of different sub branches for specific tasks, with Troopers as a whole used for civil law enforcement.

Other than using soldiers, the Troopers (with all branches with the exception of the Guardian Corps) use bioweapons.

Palisade Corps

The Palisade Corps is the defensive-in-numbers branch of the Troopers. Charged with the duty of protecting points of interest, and important Government (and private) buildings which have a higher chance of an attack occurring. The Palisade Corps fight with large numbers, and is one of the branches with the highest causality rates as it is a first line of defense, with minimal training. This is the branch that a typical soldier is most likely to be in.

Blackguard Corps

The Blackguard Corps while not classified, are hardly seen as they are an elite and the most heavily funded arm of the Troopers. They are tactical fighters, with both defensive and offensive abilities. Training for these soldiers are extensive, and are usually draftees of high ranking officers from the Palisade and Guardian Corps.

Guardian Corps

The only branch of the Troopers that do not directly serve the council is the Guardia Corps, as they serve on a local basis. They handle basic public safety, and serve to defend the liberties of the people.

Air Squadron

The Air Squadron is a fairly well-funded portion of the Military, receiving quality equipment and a heavily funded R&D team. The Air Squadron directly serves the Oryx Council, and collaborates heavily with the Troopers. The Air Squadron is split into several different branches, each with a specific task.

In times of crisis, the Air Squadron is heavily used for transport, recovery, and search & destroy missions.

Bulwark Fleet

The Bulwark Fleet consists of a giant mother-ship, approximately 10 miles wide. It is capable of traveling vast distances with relative ease. While having no offensive weapons of its own, nor are its soldiers armed, it is a heavily guarded transport & command vessel, used to command the entire Air Squadron as well as transport prisoners.

The Fleet also has over 40 agile attack aircraft, used to defend approaching enemy vessels aiming to attack the Bulwark (mothership).

The Bulwark also houses 20 remotely guided prisoner transports, and 5 dropships for deploying Troopers.

Annihilation Fleet

The Annihilation Fleet is charged with the task of seeking out and destroying high profile targets, having both quality and quantity, they are able to locate and destroy targets effectively, regardless of cost. Having hundreds of low-profile, agile scouting vehicles (which look like air motorcycles) armed with just two machine guns, along with several transport vessels specifically for the Blackguard Corps.

2nd-700th Fleets

The numbered fleets are in charge of civilian patrol of the airways and interstellar travel.

These are light-armed aircraft, usually only with a machine gun, capable of damaging most aircrafts.

701st Fleet

The 701st Fleet is an independent, publicly owned fleet, which is the only branch of the Military which is not affiliated with any Government. The 701st Fleet was formed in the last Great War, comprised of former air squadron soldiers who spoke against the Government.

Now, the 701st Fleet does follow the Council's orders, but they do have a tendency of speaking out against some of the orders. The 701st Fleet has limited resources, but they are high quality aircraft, given by the Oryx Council as signs of peace and acceptance in the Military.

Waves of Blue

The Waves of Blue is the main recruiting fleet of the Air Squadron, entertaining children with beautiful light and air shows in the skys and space.

Formally known as the 1st fleet, used to be comprised of highly trained military pilots, until the Oryx Council a few thousand years ago decided to slash funding.

The 1st Fleet did not want to disband, thus became the main advertisement branch of the Air Squadron, and is also the main funding branch which brings in several soldiers and money.

Black Eagles

Said to be of urban legend, the Black Eagles are a group of 3 people, who are expert magicians capable of bending space and time at their own will, without the assistance of technology.

Black Eagles are believed to use robot-like suits as their weapons systems, and carry out secret operations to kill any high threat target that opposes the Government and Oyrx Council.


A branch devoted completely to the research of magic, and implementation. While considered the smaller of the other branches, many of its members are leaders within the military, renown for their powers in magic, few take their skills out into the field, preferring the the troopers to handle the dangerous tasks.

Bioweapons Research & Development

The most heavily invested branch of the Military, the Bioweaons R&D branch are charged with the task of developing, manipulating, and deploying bioweapons. Comprised of intelligent scientists and contracted companies, The Bio R&D team has also been accused of abducting humans for manipulation into bioweapons as well, though this rumour was quickly put to rest.

The only other branch of the Bio R&D team is the Parks & Recreation Division.

Parks & Recreation Division

The Parks & Recreation Division manages the existing natural parks and Zoos, housing harmless animals for entertainment.

This Division is also in charge of the dangerous task of managing the Bioweapons Research & Test sites, along with weather control for said sites. These sites are closed off to the public, and house dangerous animals.

Special Armored Task Force

A product of Oryx's research and development, these advanced troops utilize advanced armor augmented with heavy fire power to suppress the more "dangerous" targets. While uncommon typically to see, these are often the cause of fear for any opposing forces. However, these have a major flaw in them, in the fact that their barriers are often rendered useless in the face of magic.

The Blackguard Corps shares several of the Special Armored Task Forces' elements, but can not be matched to the Armored Task Forces' weapons and quantity (and funding).


While on the outside, they are referred to the rangers. This name is a farce unfortunately, as it is widely known that they do not patrol the vast wilderness, but hunt and kill targets that any other branch could not pull off. Their equipment ranges from enchanted rifles, ammunition, close range weapons, and mid level magic.

Mage Hunters

The Mage Hunters do one thing and one thing only - find and execute unauthorized magic users. No more information is known.


"Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, and eternal rest to all."-Acraea motto.

They do not exist. Or at least officially. A organization that serves the Oryx council directly, they are not what one could consider an actual branch, but rather more akin to a internal organization which acts out the will of the council. The group is comprised of only 12 people, each one chosen on their individual skills, personalities, and their capabilities as effective combatants. Other information on them however, is shrouded in mystery.

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