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1 If you could choose some new races... on Tue Nov 08, 2011 9:54 pm


Legatus Legionis
Legatus Legionis
As some people may know, there are ten playable races in The Elder Scrolls series. However, there is actually a plethora of other races indicated in the lore. There are enough races in fact, that realistically there is a chance of adding one or two into the mix. In fact, it wouldn't be the first time. In previous Elder scrolls (Arena and Daggerfall), the Orsimer (Orcs) were merely enemies seen no better than goblins, but when Morrowind came about, they added our large green friends into the mix. While in truth there is quite a lot of issues pertaining to a new race being added (Unless another large time skip happens between titles), I must wonder what races you would like to see in future Elder scroll games.

The list of races can be found here

For the humans, there are only two races I'd be interested in seeing, and that would be the Kothringi and whatever race of man hailed from Akivar. The Kothringi are (Were?) silvered skinned humans that once lived in black marsh, and more or less seemed to be a tribal group. They are supposedly extinct, BUT a few obscure texts and book found in game and in the lore contradict this statement, albeit, it may be outside of Tamriel. As for the Akavari race of man, I'm not so sure about. They supposedly have a oriental flare to them, using Japanese styled architecture and weaponry. This points to me that they may be the asian analoug race of the Elder scrolls, however, like the Kothringi, they too have supposedly bit the dust, although it is debated what "Eaten" literally mean, as it may point to them being enslaved.

Of the races of Mer, the three I would like to see (Albeit two of them are impossible to add) are the Falmer, the Dwemer, and the Maomer. The Falmer are the snow elves, and quite frankly what fascinates me about them is that we don't really know jack about them. The best text that describes one of them is Fall of the Snow prince, but aside from that, nada. Unfortunatly, the Nords committed borderline genocide on the Falmer, basically pushing them to extinction. We'll find out the fate of the Falmer coming in Skyrim, but if we do see traces of them, I don't think it'll be pleasant ones. The next (also extinct race) are the Dwemer, better known as the Dwarven race of Tamriel. In truth they were really human height, but thats beside the point. I'm not really sure why I'd like to see one, perhaps just to see how they really acted. Unfortunately, like the Falmer, they went extinct, and not in the same way most things do. Its a really long story, but in short, the Dwemer literally vanished from existence in a puff of smoke. The last one (Not extinct) are the Maromer, the sea elves. I don't know a dreadful lot about them, but they suppoedly have serpent magic and are pretty good on a boat, and have chameleon like skin. Other than that, I'd really just like to see one rather than be one.

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