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1 Introduction - Ares/pimentel2 on Tue Aug 31, 2010 8:12 pm


Legatus Legionis
Legatus Legionis
Hello, I'm known as Ares or pimentel2. If you want to add me on PSN, my PSN ID is pimentel2. I have a rich history in clans, I started as a clan member in Warhawk, then I got promoted to Co-leader. After I quit Warhawk, I moved onto Fat Princess, where I started the first Fat Princess clan, the Super United Ninjas. I disbanded SUN a while ago, and a fresh start was definitely needed. I've moderated several clan communities, and I have knowledge of HTML and CSS.

Recently, I teamed up with a former SUN member (Dargor) and we decided to lead a clan together, called The Olympians.

Now, enough with the clan stuff....lets move on to personal details.

I cycle as a hobby and also mess around with HTML and CSS. I get straight A's in school, so I'll tell you I'm not your average person. I enjoy watching CNN HD, Discovery HD and Animal Planet HD.

My life long goal summarized in four words: To make a difference

I plan on making a difference in:
Advances in space flight, and being a human rights and animal rights activist. I also plan on having a political career in North American or European Union politics and possibly UN politics and being actively engaged in the International Whaling Commission, and hopefully to get small Cetacean's included for protection.

Signature is of a free-thinking nature and reflects the supreme opinions of the author. - Thinking first, faith second

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