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1 Setting up your Avatar, and Restrictions on Sat Aug 28, 2010 11:16 pm


Legatus Legionis
Legatus Legionis
Setting up your Avatar & Restrictions

On the navigation menu located at the top of the forum, click Profile(User Control Panel). Once you are in the UCP, click Avatar. There are several ways to display your signature. We will go through each, but the recommended method is uploading to a free image service.

Uploading to The Olympians Forum

Click Upload, and select the file directly from your PC. Once you select the file, upload it. Found a good avatar that is free to use? Just get the image source and upload via the Upload Avatar via URL field.

Uploading to a Free Image Service

The recommended way is to upload your image to a free image service such as , or . Once uploaded, get the image source URL and put it into the field called "Link to offsite avatar". This is the recommended way as the current uploading system will resize your avatar, and will cause bugs in .png files.


  • File size may not be larger than 64KB if uploaded directly to the forum. If you are using a Free Image Service and you are hotlinking the image (Link to Offsite Avatar) we allow avatars with a maximum size of 1MB.

  • Width may not exceed 150 pixels and height cannot exceed 200 pixels
  • Terms of Service along with Forum rules, and clan policies apply to Avatar use.

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