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1 Chatbox Guide on Sun Mar 18, 2012 3:15 pm


Legatus Legionis
Legatus Legionis
Chatbox Guide

Our website provides a chat to all of our users - to use it, simply press the "Chatbox" button on the bottom right hand corner, located on every page of our website.

FMChat 3.4 as of update 12.3.18

You are able to use commands such as /away, as well as a variety of new commands! To view additional commands, use /cmd.

New commands include:

/updates - view the latest updates of FMChat (which are independent of our website)

/copy - view the copy-paste code for the chat logs

/inbox - view your forum private messages

/newpm - private message a user using the forum private messages.

/report - send the chatlogs to a moderator. At the pop up, either input Ares or Dargor to send the chatlogs.

/search - search posts from the forum

/close - closes the chat and logs you out.

/logout - logs you out of the forum, and chat

/friend: USERNAME - sends a friend request to the user you replace USERNAME with.


Optional Sound
- You can turn on the notification sound by clicking SOUND OFF and selecting SOUND ON.

- If FMChat is to fail, the chat will fallback on the Standard Chat.

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