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1 The Last Days on Wed Mar 07, 2012 10:17 pm


Legatus Legionis
Legatus Legionis

So someone had the brilliant idea of doing a zombie survival RP going on inspired by a the ever intrepid Mav's tweet, and I decided to play along. Seeing as how I'm still waiting word on this thing, I took it upon myself to lay down some ground rules, mostly pertaining to how characters work.

First off, your guys (or gals) name. Pretty self explanatory.

Second, their age. I know most people won't be going for the ancient scraggely 90 year old man or the local toddler, but keep in mind that in most scenario's, people like them would of been toast before this RP began. Keep it marginally realistic.

General Appearance: As in, what your character looks like. Put it all in (not clothing, but physical appearance) Other categories such as Height, Build, Eyes, Skin and Hair Colour help flesh out the appearance and make it easy to understand. General Appearance is the biggie.

Biography/History: Your character's history. Just a basic overview here, and we're not asking for Mr. Incredible who has been fighting zombies for 50 years back when the Milkmen came by every morning to deliver purple icecream or something.

Your characters skillset: Please, for the love of all that is holy, keep it reasonable. Your character should not be able to leap across tall buildings, hack into the central mainframe while holding off hordes of the undead. That is boring to read about and makes for a boring god-modded character. There are no defined skills here, but feel free to look at skills from games such as Fallout, so feel free to get ideas. (Also remember, there are no laser rifles in real life, so keep that in mind when referring to such sources.) Remember, There is absolutely no definitions to what skills your character may or may not possess ,these are just basic ideas a person may draw inspiration from and provide examples Remember, keep it reasonable and try to stay away from being a jack of all trades. I wouldn't expect a person who happens to be a lumberjack who's really good at introducing zombies to his ax be a wizard on the computer.

That's all for now folks. If Pim and Big do what I asked em to do, I may get some criticisms and not OP highjacking.

BecauseEquitablyToddHoward ExudesSuperiorDesignAspirations
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2 Re: The Last Days on Wed Mar 07, 2012 10:46 pm

Big C



Appearance:about 5'11, maybe 6Ft. Dark Green eyes, brownish hair. Slightly athletic, but heavy set. White

History: Out of collage, Free lance graphic designer, also works for an indie game company known as Pulse Games. Great with firearms of all types, very handy and good with technical stuff and tactics. I set out to become someone of the likes of video game greats...To bad the heavens had other I'm stuck in a hell hole trying to find some survivors...but what the hell...I'm in is ridden with zombies..I can only hold down fort by my self in the Ren-cen for to long..Better find some survivors even if i have to leave this "life" in Michigan.

Skillset: Very accurate with side arms and rifles. I've got a tactical mindset that allows me to come up with plans on the spot. Also very handy..pretty good with building things and coming up with some makeshift weapons if the situation presents it self.

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3 Re: The Last Days on Wed Mar 07, 2012 11:02 pm


Legatus Legionis
Legatus Legionis
Eerikki Kotipelto

Age: 19

History: Finnish Embassy intern, studying in Washington, D.C before the outbreak. Even in DC, the information was scarce. We were just told to get into the bunker. The first few days were filled with anxiety, and fear. We lost power shortly after the following week, and people became sporadically ill.

Skillset: Physical ability is subpar, strengths are in communications and technology. Can tolerate extreme cold.

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