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1 Luca Turilli's Rhapsody on Mon Dec 19, 2011 1:14 am


Legatus Legionis
Legatus Legionis
Finally, at long last Luca came out of the blue with a new announcement. I've been a avid Luca Turilli fan for years, and seeing that he's coming out with a new album (Or project) gets me so pumped up I could go headbutt a yeti riding a trex inside of a megaladon into next week. Also worth noting that he'll be going for a full orchestra and choir, which is pretty awesome. Prophet of the Last Eclipse pulled off the choir quite well (I'm not even sure if that was a full one), so my expectations are pretty high. Anyway, proof is in the pudding.

Holy crap was that vid so sterotypically cinematic that I couldn't help but smile at it. Well, he said hes going for a cinematic experience. Now the question is, whos the vocalist? I'm hoping he gets Olaf on board, but the 'new' thing throws me off. New news comes out on the 19th, so hopefully something a little more tasty will come in. Leave it to Luca though to come the flying fuck out of nowhere and drop a album on us. Not that I'm complaining, its much better than going "yeah, new album coming out in two year" for my patience .

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