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1 [Romance] Miyu's Aijin on Thu Dec 01, 2011 10:39 pm


Legatus Legionis
Legatus Legionis
Miyu's Aijin

Written by pimentel2, with contributions from 4wheel and music from Caramelcat123 on Youtube.

A New Year...

A new school year has already started, and pupils have been occupied with grinding through nearly

endless classwork. But that isn’t all that students have been occupied with this ninth grade year, soon arrives the

school’s yearly gathering, in which pupils gather around a warm, cozy fire during a cold autumn

night. The purpose of such a gathering is a special tradition in the town’s past - for over a century, it has been

believed that one who wishes upon a star during this town gathering, the wish will eventually become reality.

A New Day...

“Nozomi, would you wake up already?! You’re going to miss the bus!” exclaimed Nozomi’s mother.

“Ugh, morning already?! Great..” complained Nozomi. He then lumbered out of bed, hastened through

his morning routine, and made his way to his bus stop - and just narrowly, made it.

“Another school day..” mumbled Nozomi. The bus pulled up to the final stop, where a beautiful young lady

passed by Nozomi, and for a split second - she looked at him. Being very analytical, as usual, he

wondered why she had looked at him. After a few mere seconds of contemplation, his mind was already

occupied by the endless classwork he had missed during his one-week trip to NYCC[1].

As soon as Nozomi made it to first period, the morning announcements had already begun

over the loudspeaker. “Today, will be the first day of the Anime Club meeting, students should report to

room A125 if they wish to attend. Information may be found on the bulletin board in the cafeteria.”

This line caught Nozomi’s attention, for once. “Oh hell yeah! Finally there’s something to actually do in this

school!” he thought.

By mid-day, Nozomi was carrying an abundance of schoolwork, and was rushing to his next class,

English. Being the clumsy student that he is, he collided head on - with the girl he saw this morning, on

the bus. “I’m so sorry, whoever you are! I have to get to class -” said Nozomi. He hastily gathered his

belongings, and raced for class.

“There she was again....oh I feel like a complete dumbass for bumping into her! Ugh!” negatively he

thought. Nozomi tried to concentrate in English class, but he could not. He was thinking about her - how

badly he felt for bumping into her.

Class had ended, and Nozomi just barely remembered to report to room A125 for the Anime Club

meeting. The moment he walked into the room, his heart sank. There she was - in the front row, Nozomi

slowly walked into class, trying not to pay attention to her. A few moments later, she walked up to Nozomi,

and said “Here, I think you forgot this...”. She handed him his manga, “Haruka: Beyond the Stream of


“Thanks...I just bought that yesterday...would be a shame to lose it.” said Nozomi, while being quite

embarrassed. “We haven’t formally introduced ourselves, have we?” she said. “No, I....I guess we..we..

haven’t” Nozomi stuttered. “Well, my name is Miyu, what’s yours?” said Miyu. “Mine’s Nozomi, are you

new here?” asked Nozomi.

“Well, I indee -” said Miyu, before being interrupted by Rain. “So, are you love birds going to let us start the

meeting anytime soon?” rudely Rain said. Nozomi blushed, being embarrassed yet again. The meeting begun,

and Nozomi didn’t talk to Miyu for the rest of the meeting, after being embarrassed in front of her for the

second time in the day. “Great....why does everything have to be like this?” thought Nozomi.

A New Friend...

“Do I.....I...can’t...I barely know Miyu.” Nozomi thought, after arriving home from the

anime club. He spent the rest of his afternoon and evening catching up on missing schoolwork, after he

finally finished and decided to reward himself by reading his manga, “Haruka: Beyond the Stream of Time”.

As he was picking up the book, he was reminded of Miyu. “Well, I guess, it is possible...” he mumbled.

A week later, it was the next meeting for the anime club, the only place where Nozomi and Miyu met regularly.

Nozomi made his way to room A125, where he sat in close proximity to Miyu. “...Hey Miyu!” Nozomi just

barely managed to say. “Oh, hey Nozomi, so..about that book. I decided to check it out from the library. It’s a

beautiful story, from what I have read so far” she said. “Yeah, it happens to be one of my favorites, though I

haven’t made much progress reading it due to all the school work.” said Nozomi. The conversation continued

during the whole meeting - before they parted ways for the day, Miyu asked Nozomi for his phone number.

“Uhh...sure, here you go!” said Nozomi, which then he ripped a small piece of notebook paper and jotted

down his phone number for Miyu. “Bye, take care!” Miyu said, while waving to Nozomi.

A New Snow...

It’s the first snow fall in the city, and the annual wishing-on-a-star tradition is just hours away....

The students at the high school are catching up on their abundance of school work, so they may attend the

annual event with their friends.

A New Disappointment...

It is the day of the annual wishing-on-a-star event, and Nozomi’s day has been anything, but pleasant. Having

been unable to perform in the school’s yearly Christmas concert, Nozomi was severely depressed, as he put a

lot of time and work into his piano solo that he was supposed to perform, with a line dedicated to Miyu.

He was looking forward to meeting Miyu at the wishing-at-a-star event, but his heart sank even deeper when

Miyu texted “Sorry, I can’t go...I’m with my friends at the moment doing last minute shopping..really sorry!”.

She promised Nozomi earlier that she would go with him, and now his wish was crushed - as he wanted to

ask her to be his girlfriend.

A New Moon...

The sun slowly dipped below the horizon, and the event is now minutes away from starting. As the clouds

cleared overhead, the fire has been started and the wind slowly whistled past school grounds. Students laid

their eyes upon the night sky, preparing to make a wish.

A New Hope...

“This just isn’t my day...” Nozomi thought. He felt an urge to leave the event, and run home. His

dream was effectively, crushed. Nozomi began to walk away from the event, until someone tapped at

Nozomi’s shoulder, it was Rain. “ there something wrong, why are you leaving? Is it because she

couldn’t make it? Look - if you really like her, make a wish. Don’t be a pussy!” said Rain. “Perhaps your

right...perhaps you are...” mumbled Nozomi. Nozomi made his way back, and sat near the fire, and

concentrated on his wish.

“I...I guess.....well, here goes nothing...” said Nozomi. Nozomi still had his keyboard with him, and

played the song, without Miyu present.

[Music: Use the Player Below]