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1 College of Haven on Thu Nov 24, 2011 2:13 pm


Legatus Legionis
Legatus Legionis

About the College

College of Haven records, from "A Brief History of the College", several contributions

"Residing in the independent Empire of Haven, is the home to the largest school of the Arcane Arts. While relationships with the Empire of Haven and the College are abysmal, the College provides great wealth as well as power to Haven.

The College is open to all who wish to learn, and control, magic. Even Oryx mages themselves, attend the College of Haven. Tuition is affordable, but one must be determined to succeed in the College and master what the school has to offer.

The College offers mages several courses in the Arcane Arts, such as the School of Destruction, specializing in mastering of Elemental magic, consisting of Fire, Wind, Lightning, Water, Earth, and Ice. The School of Destruction offers training in natural magic, along with alteration of the environment. Another one of Haven's schools is the School of Restoration, mainly focusing on healing and support spells. Mages attending the College of Haven most often attend the School of Destruction as well as the School of Restoration.

While it has been rumored that the College of Haven offered classes in the Arcane as well as Non-Elemental, there has been no records of such. Though, it could have well been a consequence of the Oryx Council's oppression on magic, which resulted in several of the school's records being destroyed, several years ago in the Great War. Though the College's library of the largest in Harmonia, unrivaled by any other.

The current archmage of the College is Nautilus, a man who has Power with Words. Credited with keeping political relationships in check between the Empire of Haven and the Oryx Council, he is one to be respected, and not challenged.

The College tries it's best with

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