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1 Easy to Build series on Fri Jul 08, 2011 2:27 pm


These are a series of Tutorials by a player known as Leostereo on They are considered easy to build and visually pleasing. They range from a cozy cottage, to a small castle, to an underground desert base.

[TUTORIAL] Easy-to-build and nice looking house! - The first in his series of tutorials is a little house, which famed MC player PaulSoaresJr. used to build himself a home in his Survive and Thrive video series on Youtube.

[TUTORIAL] Easy to build mini castle! - The second in the series is a convincing and appealing mini-castle complete with moat. It has shown several custom changes from the members on Minecraftforum, from doubling the size, to expanding the basement, to building a full on catacomb under the castle.

[TUTORIAL] Unique looking sandstone house! - The third tutorial is an underground base built specifically for escaping that nasty desert sun and tiring sandstorm. Featuring the whole base built underground it is truly a unique work of art.

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