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1 The skull crushing and totally epic intro on Wed Mar 02, 2011 11:57 pm


Legatus Legionis
Legatus Legionis
Hello all, I am Dargor. Maybe ya heard of me. But all of that is beside the point. From lands across the vast wasteland of the internet, I came across a most peculiar site. You see, I was reading posts in the PSN forum for Fat Princess that lead me to the utopia that was Fan Princess. A very nice, friendly, and drama free site it was. I hung there for a little bit, until disaster struck the poor site. A peculiar site called Cake Lair was edging in on the competition. And it was pretty much winning. Well that did not bode well with me. However, from a seemingly hopeless situation came a beacon, (A very strange and twisted beacon that I am now sharing the title of leader with) in the form of Pimentel, better known here as the convoluted Άρης. He came to me with a simple offer I could not refuse. "Join or be lost in the emptiness of the internet." (Okay, not really, but you get the idea.) I had nothing to lose, so I said "I can handle whatever you throw at me." Unfortunatly, what followed was my joining ceremony. You see, you think Pim is crazy bureaucratic now, he was the same back than. That made worse by the SIMPLE fact that my first application was all for not and the site was moved to the awesome and totally bitchin site that was SUN.

That site had all the bells and whistles, and pimpin out with the awesome AJAX chat was totally fine by me. Next up, was my rise to power. Now, I was totally fine with being a member. I wasn't missing out on anything, but ya know, it was pretty swell. However, I spotted a most interesting site. There were no mods. Now, using my totally rocking persuasive skills, sparkling charisma, and over all likability I convinced the Pim to make me a mod. Bam. I got modded. However, some time later, that wasn't all. My repeutation as a total face demolisher had garnered me mucho respect up in the upper brass. Soon, I felt it was time to be admin. BAM. I was adminned. HOWEVER wasn't all rainbows, unicorns, and severed viking heads for me. I on more than one occasion had to go toe to toe against the fiend that was known as drama, in which it was proven that my mental faculties will not be swayed by something as mundane as drama, but one day, my next challenge would appear before us.

I made the unfortunate decision to say "Those guys can handle one day without me being there. Its not like the site will disappear..." Oh how wrong I was. Turns out, when I'm not around, the powers of drama usurp the site/members, and the site exploded. We were at a lost. Pimentel was in the depths of despair. Members, scattered in the wind. Any lesser being would have broken in, but I said f**k you to adversity. I slapped the sense back into Pim. I gathered a portion of our lost sheep. I than commissioned said Pimentel to build for us a new home, and so he did. It was that day the Olympians were born, and I began a glorious new golden age as this wonderful clans leader. And here is my intro.

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