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[OLY] Monthly Meetings

Monthly Clan Meetings shalt be held on the last Friday of every month. To help aid the general direction of the clan, we strongly urge all members to attend the clan meeting on the Chat Events Page (Press "Chat Events", located above the chatbox). All past and future Monthly Meetings will be posted here, along with an overview and chat logs. A time and overview will be posted a week prior to the meeting date.

Next Meeting

November. 25th [Overview]

Ground Rules

  1. All other rules still remain in effect.
  2. You must listen and not interrupt if a leader, or a member, is discussing during the meeting.
  3. Off-topic discussion is not allowed at all. If you wish to discuss other topics, even if it is on the meeting schedule, you must do so via the private messaging feature.
  4. Posting any images, active content, youtube players, etc.
  5. If you wish to quit the clan, or your current position, doing so in a Clan Meeting is inappropriate and will result in a permanent ban.
  6. Due to the dynamic nature of clan meetings, it is impossible to list everything that can, and will, go wrong. Thus, the moderation team reserves the right to ban any person with, or without reason.

Schedule of 2011
Feb. 23rd @ 7pm EST [Overview] [Chat Logs]
Mar. 30th Canceled
Apr. 27th Canceled
May 25th [Overview] [Chat Logs]
Jun. 29th Canceled
Jul. 27th Canceled
Aug. 31st Canceled
Sept. 28th Canceled
Oct. 26th Canceled
Nov. 25th [Overview] [Chat Logs]
Dec. 30th [Overview] [Chat Logs] [Yearly Recap]

"Let me repair the damage, Let me nurse your wounds. Let me show you a Life worth living!" -A Love Struck Fool.

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