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1 Introduction - 4wheel Rolling in... on Wed Sep 01, 2010 5:01 pm


I'm 4wheel, I'm just another gamer like most of us here. I have my aspirations and goals, but I don't feel like sharing them at this time. I prefer ranged combat when possible in games so you will most likely find me between medium and long range encounters.

EDIT: Wanted to add something more personal on here...

I try to be a caring person, even though I'm sure I'm more selfish than caring... I do my best to ask people how they are because I know it can be a nice feeling to experience from time to time. When the world is pulling you in multiple directions, just knowing that someone wants to know how your day went can be...up-lifting.

"Let me repair the damage, Let me nurse your wounds. Let me show you a Life worth living!" -A Love Struck Fool.

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