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1 [Fantasy] [V] "The Couriers Journal." on Wed Feb 02, 2011 1:52 am


Legatus Legionis
Legatus Legionis

OOC:This here is the Journeal of the Courier from Fallout New Vegas, as told by me. It is essentially me taking on the role of the courier, as that is who you are in the game. Also, for those thinking of getting the game, there are spoilers ahead, so beware of that.

Arcade up and decided today to make me write a daily journal to keep my mind off whatever depressing shit we came across the Mojave wasteland. Hello Mr. Genius, if I write down the depressing shit, its not exactly keeping my mind off of it. Whatever, New Vegas wasn't built...or at least had its power restored, in a day. Well, the day started off like any other, just me, Rex, my cybernetic dog, and Veronica, a distraught and disillusioned member of the Brotherhood, were off scavenging...I think east of an old nuclear test site. Or was it west. Can't remember very well. Anyway, we were off scavenging when out of **BLEEP* (Really Arcade, your CENSORING THIS? We're only living in a post nuclear world where we can die at any moment, lets worry about making sure the children don't learn these bad, bad words...seriously) nowhere, lasers were firing from every direction at my general vicinity. Doing what I normally do, which consists of shouting profanities and diving behind a few rocks, tried to take a look at what the hell was firing at me. At first, I saw some Mr. Gusties, but what soon came rolling in a threating manner was a sentry bot, equipped with a gatling laser and a missile launcher. I'll be brutally honest, I never went up against one of these before, so I picked up my light machine gun, threw in some armor piercing rounds, and began to fire. Thankfully, my machine gun packed a pretty good punch, as the Sentry bot went down for the count. But was that the end to my troubles? Nope. Not by far. Because, turns out, there were 5 more waiting in a crater ready to turn me into a pile of ash. Well, Veronica and Rex sprang into action, and we began to cut through those bastards like a bullet though a ghouls skull.

After the smoke cleared and we got done licking our wounds (I still haven't recovered from the burns those damn lasers gave me) we stumbled across something rather strange, even for the wasteland. Inside the crater, we found a crashed vertibird. Thats right, the same ones those guys called the Enclave used to fly around in. Not exactly sure how and when it crashed, but the fact that the corpses were nothing more than skeletons told me it was awhile ago. But in all that wreckage, I found something rather interesting. It seemed to be one of those Tesla Cannons I heard about, but with an orange glow instead of blue, and a fully encased energy emitter, unlike the other ones. I decided to take it along with me, to see if it still is functionable as a weapon. I'm making my way back to the Lucky 38, so we can take a closer look at it. Well, Veronica is bugging me about getting back to sleep, so, with that, I'm out.

P.S. Sleeping in decrepit, derelict shacks on a piece of cardboard sucks ass. Just saying.

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