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Legatus Legionis
Legatus Legionis
I haven't written anything of value lately...*Cough*RP*Cough* so I decided to post this up here reason. Actually, I'm posting this out of boredom, but hey, if Pims going to write something boring, why not I? And without further to do, here is my roughdraft for my research paper.

PS: Since this is my roughdraft, the actual one is substantially longer, with less grammatical and spelling errors (Didn't run this through spellcheck) so far all of those grammar nazis, its a no go for you. You type all this at 2 in the morning and see how epically your grammar starts failing.

Cults. They are all around us. Instilling fear and deception all of our minds. However my friends, the reality of it all is much, much worse. Cults are not only a menace our psyche, they are also a menace to our culture as a whole, and it is my solem duty to tell you why. I shall go in depth to warn you as to why these cults are so insidous, so malicious to their own, and why you not give into their dark trappings, as it shall be a harbinger worse, much worse, things to come. But first, we have to identify on earth a cult is, and how they are much worse than any phantom the human mind can concieve.

Now than, what is a cult you might ask? Well, a cult can be many things, but more often than not, they follow several basic foundations. Now, all cults may not wind up being a bunch of guys in magical robes waiting for a mighty space dragon to come down from space to prevent their world gets flushed down the cosmic toilet. In fact, they can come many shapes and sizes. "Their reasons for existing may concern Religon, life-style, politics, or assorted philosophies." (Singer, page 14) says Dr. Singer, author of the book "Cults in our Midst." However, more often than not, they revolve around one guy. Their charasmatic leader, who uses his freakishly perfect smile, awesome people skills, and his knowledge of the human psyche to control and manipulate his poor, (ableit succeptable), members. Also, cults quite often have a hidden agenda, which alot of the time, winds up as suicide. Their glorious leaders other agenda may wind up being to simply suck up his members money, the people who put their faith into him. Their also effective idea is that they pull their members in, make them feel like a family, that way it won't be weird waking up next to a goat. Pity, isn't it? They can also sometimes have some really, completely ridicoulous agenda that makes you think that they are something out of a bad Sci-Fi movie that comes on at about two in the morning. (Sometimes thats what their based off of!) But wait, don't you believe me? Oh ye of little faith. Thou art not enlightened to the higher plain of thought as me. I shall enlighten you to some of the biggest, bona fide cults that truely were a menace.

Have you ever heard of the Moonies? You may have heard of that name before. Why? Well, you can thank Sun Myung Moon, a guy that thought the moon was the messiah, and he was the second coming of Christ. This guy effectively conviced a lot of people (Mostly the Koreas) that he was God, and in turn, gets to live off the donations of his followers. Well, Germany wasn't exactly thrilled about the prospect of this guy coming to their land, so they made wise decsion to exile him. He also preached that Korea was the new Holy land, and all other churches were the works of the devil. Now comes the "Children of God." Sounds like a nice name. But let me ask you this. Do you think sex with small children is natural and right? No? Well, they certainly did. These guys leader and founder was David Berg, who used his woman followers as effective prostitutes, using their bods to entice men into joining. Now, one cult that does not need a introduction would be the Ku Klux Klan, white supremisits that hated blacks, asains, indians, the jewish, catholics, and just about anything that wasn't a white protastant male. I think you get the jist of it. Another one you may be familiar with, the Manson family. These guys belived that the song Helter-Skelter was a massive retaliation from the African Americans. They also believed that the Beatles White album was sending them a message in how to particapate in Helter Skelter. Me thinks they were tripping, but I digress. Next up on our list, is Heavens Gate. Now these guys were some real wackos. Now, bare with me as I explain their wacky agenda. "Now, these guys were a doomsday cult". (TopTenz) That pretty much means that they thought our world was soon coming to an end. Any way, these guys thought our world was going to be recycled, so their leader, Marshall Applewhite, came to the completely sane and rational idea that its time "Get off the planet." Well, the only way to "Get off" was to commite suicide, using intructional videos and taught on how to leave their fleshy bodies and ascend to a new cosmic plaine. Seriously. I am not making this up. Anyway, along comes Hale-Bop comet, and Applewhite decided to tell his followers that there was a space ship waiting behind it, to zap up their souls into space! Well, as you probably figured it out, they all committed suicide via mercury poisoning, and the rest is history.

However, not all cults were some tiny abusive cell of people. There are indeed times that these guys were truly a threat to those around them. Such one is the one lead by David Koresh. "David Koresh was a charasmatic leader who taught his followers that the United States Government was the enemy of God." (Matthews) However, this guy wasn't some hippy who would pop some pills when the authorities caught up to him. Instead, he up and made the decison to start hoarding weapons in a compound in Waco Texas. While there, he enjoyed the "Bodies of his young female followers". (Matthews) Now than, this guy started to instill ideas in his followers, and said that authorities threatened their life as a cult, and he will not be raptured into federal prison. Such teaching came to a head in Febuary, 1994, when the ATF came out to investagate sexual abuse of childern. This lead to a infamous stand off, which would result in 76 people being killed. Some believe that it was
the tear gas police chucked in, however, the truth remains in debate to this day. Next up, is the peoples temple. They were lead by a guy named Jim Jones, who was a rather odd duck. Ever since this guy was little, he was intruiged by the idea of death. I picture him as looking looking like the kid from the Omen. Now, this guy eventually became the personification of that charasmatic leader I mentioned previously. Now, this guy believed that you had to be so ridicously faithful, that way, you can attain a socialistic view point. Hooray. Oh, and strangely enough, he thought the bible was a joke. Thats coming from a guy in a magical purple robe. Anyway, eventually, the United States was like "Whoa, these guys are like, really weird and stuff." so they began to press charges. Well, Jones decided to get the hell out of the US, and made for Guana, and built a town. Guess what he named it. Jonestown. How creative, but I was one to never question ones alarming superiority and or god complex, so I'll just keep going. Anyway, this is where one of the largest mass suicides in history. With authorities pressing down upon them, and Jones claimed they will harm their children if they caught them. This is where tragady came to frution. Overcome by sheer terror, 909 followers, a large portion of childern, all commited suicide. Yeah, the children too. Well, actually, I would not count the childrens death as suicie. You see, the cause of death was...Kool-Aid. Yup. Kool-Aid. They had to trick the kids. The pictures that were taken of Jonestown are really disturbing, so I'd suggest that you google it up one day, to get the idea of how whaked out this incident truely was. Another cult that deserves a look at his Scientology, but this is hardly something I can take seriously. I mean, first, it has Tom Cruise. That should say something. Next, is their doctrine. Okay, here we go. Along time ago (Probably in a Galaxy far far way,) The Galactic Lord Xeno exiled the Theatans to Earth. He than stuffed them into a volcano and blew them up via his nuclear rays of death. Fast forward a few centuries, and now the Theatans are in our souls, keeping us from reaching our full potential. Now, if Scientology involved turning people into cyborg super powered mutants, I'd jump on board a long time ago, but since it doesn't, its not seeing a red cent from me.

Cults, can also leave a lasting impact on their victims. Cults, often using complete and utter control on their hapless victims, tell them everthing they must eat, sleep, what to wear, where to go to the bathroom, when to engage intercouse ect. This lifestyle can truely screw around with those poor people. Also, the peoples main pull is one simple factor. Family. Belonging. Those two things can be serious and have a very real impact on its members. It comes to a point where they become so involved in the cult that it absorbs them, and completely destroys their social life. Soon, we find that they are assimilated, and the cult hath became their one, and only family. Also, cults tend to "Use surrepitiously uses systems of psychological cercion on its members to inhibit their ability to examine the actual validity of the clamis of the leader and the cult" (Singer) Also, Cults can have a double standard in ethics. Its more or less like, "Hey, we're your friends, so you can be honest with us." While they stress lying and decieving outsiders. Odd, huh. "The problem with cults," Steven Colbert tells us, "Is that they don't have the brass to be honest from the get go. They hide behind phrases like 'Self-Improvement workshop', or 'human potential coach', or improvement class. If they had any guts, at the first meeting they'd say "You all need to wear yellow bedsheets and have sex with me twice a day until we get beamed up to a comet in twleve years. Also, give me all you money." (Colbert, 61) While this does sound nice, this is hardly the case. If cults went around using this method, we'd hardly have anything done. Of course, there is a way around it. "If your ever wondering if your in a cult, the answer is yes." (Colbert, 61) Also, cults can be very destructive to our culture as a whole, and its easy to see why. Now, whenever I drink kool-aid, I think of dying children. Thats not a nice thought. I should go get help. But wait, what help is this? ITS A CULT! See, by making things sad in our world, we our being pushed into the arm of these llama hearding lunatics. See how it all really plays out? Its like a perfect storm of suck, and even than, we get stuck into it, rather than pushed out. And that is not cool. Unforutnatly, that is how the ball rolls. You just have to take it by the reigns and go.

Now than, there are those that preach abastance, freedom of religon, and all that good stuff. Lets strike down these unenlightend minds here and now, shall we? First, the argument of freedome of religon. Thats all fine and dandy. I have no problem with its concept. But when your doctrince involves raping small kids and thinking you can commune wth Yog Slogoth, makes most sane and rational people lift an eyebrow or two. Huzzah and woe be unto them. It makes me well up with sadness. Now than, I will give cults this. They do enjoy cooler things than we do. Okay, most of the time their outfits are totally lame and look like they just bought snuggies and were done with it. But man, give cults some rocking dark robes of evil, some sweet masks, couple it with REAL insane powers, you have something awesome stirring. But even than, it doesn't work out very well, so its still moot to point. Next up, "People should do what they want without doing harm." Well, what if people found out about the Government lying to them about the truth of Unicorns! A HUGE revolt would result, and people would not be happy to find out that princess Fluffles is not real. Cults work the same way, they tell people fantasic stories, and as much as we wish they were true, spoiler alert, they are not. My applogies, but it had to be said. Next argument, "But what if cults don't get out in public eye, just keep to themselves and leaver everyone alone." That usually is the case while they are doing something bad, like raping children. I don't think thats nice at all, and whoever does so probably deserves a swift and terrible blow, by the likes of a rather large and sweaty lumberjack. I rest my case. Also, sometimes they pervert a actual religon to hell and back. I mean, last time Christianity does not revolve around Cosmic Jesus and his saucers of salvation, so I rest my case.

So, what have we learned? We haven't learned anything. You did all the learning. I just did the research, so I may dictate unto you, and issue you forth onto our world, armed with the knowledge that cults cannot control you. Also, you can pinpoint what a cult its. Why, in fact, read this agian, and remembe what a emotional thrill ride this was for you, and, all the wonderful, tear filled nights you had while reading this. In fact, I hope whenver you think of Kool-aid, you think of me, and my warning of its danger. Put down that cup now. Good. You resisted. I digress, and yes, reassert my prior statements. Cults are a danger, and yes, a horrid, and destructive side to our culture. I am Lord Reginer, and I, with the sacred rights invested unto me, approve this message.

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Legatus Legionis
Legatus Legionis
Guess this also applies to the Tea Party...

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