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Legatus Legionis
Legatus Legionis

Okay, your just sitting there one day thinking of things that get you rip shit pumped, dreaming, or doing something that has little (Or major) Importance when all of the sudden ZAP! Your all of the sudden in some crazy forest where there are little creatures surrounding you or some other kind of unbelievable crap that you only see when your tripping out on some whacked out drug. And thats when it hits you. You've been transported to some Generic RPG world! "Like, holy crap," you think to yourself, "I'm lost and all alone in this magical and fantastic world! Whatever shall I do!" Well, if you have half a brain, you'd read this, (And purchase the eventual best selling book of this ) and you wouldn't be forced to have one of those awkward "What the Underworld" moments, and you'll soon be able to save the land/universe/crazy dream thing, and earn the spoils of one thousand victories. In this guide, I'll outline all the basic survival tips and necessary tricks to go out there and defeat the Cosmic lord of Chaos or some other overly elaborate named freak with a god complex. I will also enthrall you (Dargors Note: Like this.) with tales of my very own epic adventure, giving you direct insight into how to complete your tasks in a epic and skull crushing manner. Now, lets get down to business

Now, don't get ahead of yourself. Since this is life and theres no reset button (Tried setting one up, didn't work so well for those test monkey's) your going to need every advantage you can get. And that means one thing. Level grinding. Level grinding is the most important thing a person can ever do in your life. Now, your not exactly going to experience just how difficult it really is to kill a "Corrupted Ogre" while in your own dimension, but there are activities to raise you basic stats. Now, all stats are done differently, so I'll try to outline some of the major ones out there.

HP: Possibly one of the most vital stats there is. Now, I'll be brutally honest with you, how on earth you increase your HP without slaying plenty of monsters and leveling up is beyond me. However, I have a few ideas, which all is coupled into strength training and conditioning. My rational on it is simple, they all can raise many stats at once, and I think HP would be slapped somewhere in there. Continue for further information.

MP: If your going to got the magic user route (More info on that to come) your probably going to want to use some more spells than just a simple fireball. Now, your going to need to broaden your horizons on this one, because these methods are a little more "Out there" than others. Alright, first, your going go out and search for a shaman or witch or something along of those lines. Now, I'd advise caution since they can slip some really freaky things in those potions, so make sure their legit magic users. Test out their skills, like making the trees come to life of something. If they can do that, their good. Now, you may (Or may not) feel funny, but you just gotta work with it. Also, a few tribal blessings or from a priest can't hurt. And, if your very lucky, get the pope to do it. You may wind up with some awesome Holy powers on the side, which is totally awesome.

Strength: This one is much easier to build up, and you can probably get more than one stat up when using these methods. Now, Strength is simple enough. Just start hitting the gym and building up some muscle. I also suggest you start going out and taking up martial arts. That not only is a good workout, you also get valuable insight on how to tear out your opponents jugular with your pinky.

Endurance/Defense: Now, I usually put these things separately, but for the sake of making room, I'm putting them in the same category. Endurance simple . I suggest you go out and start running some marathons, or something that involves repetition. That should give you a boost in that category. Now, defense is a bit different. Since def is usually boosted when you put on some rocking armor, I'm not sure where to go with this. However, I suggest you start conditioning. What I mean by this is, go to some Martial arts classes, ect, and spar with them. Soon, you'll know how to take a wallop, and I relate that to the defense stat.

Agility: Same as Endurance, run a marathon. However, to get more bang for your buck, I suggest doing it in a place rife with danger, like a Power plant or a mountain. Keeps you on your toes and you also learn how to trek difficult terrain.

Magic Defense: This one is the same as increasing your MP, however, this is more for Priests to do. Divine protection is their thing, and are probably more professional than some guy out in the swamp with tons of warts on his face.

Magic Attack: Same principles apply as the MP, and MD, however, this one needs a little more research on your part. You can actually take up learning some magic spells, (Wise idea) and you can also research some fancy shamncy things to do with nature. I'm sure you'll do fine in this regard.

Luck: Rabbits foot, horse shoes, four leaf clovers, and the like are all things that increase your luck stat. Should be simple enough.

Minor stats: Stats that may or may not affect combat. These may or may not make your life a bit easier.

Intelligence: The measure of how smart you are. This affects other major minor stats, and usually helps you do most things that relate with magi-tech and the like. Also, it should be noted that you can be a complete dumbass and complete your journey, but your party will often scorn and berate you, so please, don't be dumb. If you want to increase this, I suggest you take some extra classes or read the entire collection of Shakespear. If that doesn't kill you, I'd think you'd be a Underworld lot smarter than you were before. If you don't slip into a coma.

Medicine: This is a measure of how well you can use your medical and first aid skills to patch up yourself or your teammates, in case they really need it. Actually, this is a nice skill to learn in real life regardless, your probably helping yourself in the long run anyway. This stat is influenced by intelligence, so increasing that will help you increase this stat too. However, for immediate level upping, I'd take Anatomy and Physiology, as that will give you a basic understanding of the human body.

Charisma: Your overall attractiveness and likeabilty. This pretty much makes or breaks how well you work and deal with people. More often than not, if you have a high charisma, you can bail you or your teamates out of SO many bad situations. (Dargors Note: I one time had to explain to the Governor-general why the team pervert had nothing to do with the supposed groping of his daughter. I thankfully called her out and exposed that lying bi**h.) I'm not really sure how to increase this stat, but I suggest you start watching lots of TV, and look for the thing that makes Fan Boys/Girls go gaga, and try to emulate that in a normal way. Of course personally, I think charisma is something your really born with.

Speech: The ability to communicate in a practical and efficient manner. The skill of convincing others that your position is correct. The ability to lie and not get caught. This is one is governed directly by Charisma. It's not vital to have a high charisma, but it helps your case. Watch a few famous speeches, start coming up with witty lines and come-backs, and start practicing your deceptive prowess. Thankfully, this stat shouldn't be too difficult to raise, since you communicate daily with people (I hope)

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BecauseEquitablyToddHoward ExudesSuperiorDesignAspirations
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Good read, when's the next chapter?

"Let me repair the damage, Let me nurse your wounds. Let me show you a Life worth living!" -A Love Struck Fool.

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Legatus Legionis
Legatus Legionis
Actually, I'm working on the minor stats, just to cover my bases. Once thats done, I'll focus on either your party, or where the Underworld you may wind up. Whichever tickles my fancy at the moment.

BecauseEquitablyToddHoward ExudesSuperiorDesignAspirations
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Legatus Legionis
Legatus Legionis
Chapter 1 is complete. Up next,Magic,and different types. (Name pending)

BecauseEquitablyToddHoward ExudesSuperiorDesignAspirations
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