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1 List of Preferences on Mon Aug 30, 2010 7:59 pm


Legatus Legionis
Legatus Legionis
List of Preferences

Allow members to contact me by emailBy a website form / By Email Client Software / No
Allow members to send me private messages
Yes / No
Allow visitors on my profile
All members / My friends / Nobody / Hide this Tab
Associate your Facebook Account
Associate your Facebook Account
Allow Newsletters
Yes / No
Hide your online Status
Yes / No
Always notify me of replies
Yes / No
Notify by email when a new private message has arrived
Yes / No / No PM Mailing at all
Display a pop-up when a new private message has arrived
Yes / No
Display a notification when new replies are written
Yes / No
Open report pop-up on new reports
Yes / No
Notify me by email if somebody reports a post
Yes / No
Always Attach my Signature
Yes / No
Always allow BBCode
Yes / No
Always allow HTML
Yes / No
Always enable Smilies
Yes / No
Board Language
List of World Languages
List of World Timezones
Date Format
List of Several Date Formats
Automatic Time Correction
Yes / No
Adjust Time
Winter Time / Summer Time

Signature is of a free-thinking nature and reflects the supreme opinions of the author. - Thinking first, faith second

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